Review of Calorie King Nutrition and Exercise Manager

I had every intention of writing a review of the Calorie King Nutrition and exercise manager but then ….well…I got busy with other things and now I have lost the motivation and interrest.

The salient features of the software are:

  • record everything you eat – The software has a nutrional database of over 50,000 food items including restaurant fare.
  • Nutrional information for The database is routinely updated and the user can add his/her own custom items.
  • track sodium, saturated fat, cholesterol, calcium, and sugar, in addition to calories, total fat, carbs, protein, and fiber.
  • personal profile feature allows the user to tailor track eating habits againt personal health goals
  • Charts and graphs to track personal progress

If anyone is reading this then simply go to and download the trial software for your platform. I happen to use Mac OS-X. Personally, I think it’s a great piece of software that can help anyone to track what they eat. It is not geared toward people with diabetes but certainly does help. What features would I like?

  • Ability to download my meter readings
  • A journal to record my insulin dosages
  • Charts and graphs so that I can see how blood glucose was affected by what I ate

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Latent Autoimmune Diabetes in Adults (LADA)

My wife recently brought home a book on Type 1 diabetes from the local library. I was skimming through when I came upon the acronym LADA or Google and the WikiPedia.

Here’s and excerpt from article which you can find here.

Latent Autoimmune Diabetes in Adults (LADA) is a genetically-linked, hereditary autoimmune disorder that results in the body mistaking the pancreas as foreign and responds by attacking and destroying the insulin-producing beta islet cells of the pancreas. Simply stated, autoimmune disorders, including LADA, are an “allergy to self.”

In its early stages LADA typically presents as type 2 diabetes and is often misdiagnosed as such. However, LADA more closely resembles juvenile (type 1) diabetes and shares common physiological characteristics of type 1 for metabolic dysfunction, genetics, and autoimmune features, but LADA does not affect children and is classified distinctly as being separate from juvenile diabetes.


When I first saw the diabetician at Princeton Health Care she suggested a book called CalorieKing. This book has been a great help to me as I learn about the nutritional information about different foods. I thought bread was bread until I read this book. Some brands of bread can have as little as 13g of carbohydrate per slice or as much as 21g per slice.

At first I only brought food from home as I had very little information on the nutritional information for the menus for the restaurants in my area. I felt left out as my coworkers went out for lunch without me. I had resigned myself to eating alone at my desk. Then I started carrying around the CalorieKing book so that I could look-up restaurants so I could join my coworkers at lunch time. However, there were only a few ( 2 or 3 ) restaurants that I could feel comfortable eating at. My wife also needed the book to help her make dinner.

However, I soon discovered that the CalorieKing book has a web site. And on that web site I could look-up nutritional information and that their was more on the web site than in the book. I was elated. I found information for almost all the chain restaurants in my local area including my favourite Quizno’s.

My wife suggested I start a food journal so that I could track what I ate and the amount etc. Being a technology professional I of course looked for a software solution. I thought maybe I could use Excel or Word. However, that soon became too tedious for me; looking things up on and then entering each item. Then I had to remember what I ate for lunch so that I could write it down when I came home. Too much. Back to and the awesome software package that lets me enter the servings for almost everything I eat and have the nutritional information automatically entered for me. Now I can see how much fat I am eating ( too much ) and how many calories. I love this software. I can even save some favourite home made meals so that it’s a one click to add to my log.