My pancreas has a brain

Think like a pancreasOther than myself, my wife is the person the most directly affected by my diabetes since she is the main meal planner and chef. Since I was diagnosed she has read almost every book available in our local library. She probably knows more about this disease than I do. She recently purchased a book for me to read that was recommended in one of her health magazines.

The book is called the Think Like a Pancreas: A Practical Guide to Managing Diabetes with Insulin” by Gary Scheiner and Barry Goldstein. One of the authors, Gary Scheiner is a certified diabetes educator and an insulin pumper and details his early first experience with diabetes as a young adult. He also provides a history of diabetes and diabetes technologies. Boy, have things come a long way and I am happy that I developed this disease now instead of earlier in life! The rest of the book appears to be just as compelling and I will write a complete review when I am done.


Medical ID bracelet

ID braceletI have not posted in quite some time. Caught up in the hustle of living. Someone suggested that I get a medical ID bracelet so I did. I am allergic to North American tree pollen and moulds especially penicillin so I got my allergies as well as my diabetes info printed on the front. I ordered it from American Medical ID. I got the traditional rectangular bracelet. It’s not attractive but it works. I wear it face down. The chain leaves indentations on my skin when I am using a computer which is almost all the time.