Normally, I am fine with my diabetes. I can live with the finger pricks (10 times a day) and the shots (4 a day) and the ever present concern over hypoglycemia. However, this little bit of news left me feeling a little lower than when I awoke this morning.

Metabolic syndrome in a can – The Diabetes Blog
a new study finds an intriguing link between drinking one or more sodas a day (diet or regular) and metabolic syndrome, a cluster of symptoms which increase the risk for heart disease — large waistlines, higher blood pressures, blood sugars, cholesterol and triglycerides. Yup, you heard right. Diet soda.

Because of diabetes I had to give up the delicious taste of Coca-Cola Blak (coffee + Coke) and get used to the aftertaste of Coke Zero.  So now I don’t get to drink soda at all? Someone just shoot me! What next? Some new research indicating coffee causes kidney disease?