The Kit

The Kit, originally uploaded by Khürt.

I am a tech geek and like most geeks I have a lot of crap … I mean stuff. So what do you get when a tech geek with stuff also has diabetes? A lot more crap.

Do I really need all this stuff? Let me see … I want a meter to test my blood glucose. But wait…. I want test strips for the meter. Well… I want a lancet for poking holes in my finger tips…. I want alcohol wipes for cleaning the finger before and after pricking.After taking my before meal blood glucose, I’ll want to take some insulin… I’ll use my insulin pen…. I’ll use a needle for the pen…. then if I get a blood stain on my clothes I’ll need something to fix that…..if something goes wrong I might need a glucose tablet.Later, I’ll want to dump my meter data and record the nutritional info and insulin data for graphing/reporting and trend tracking….No. I don’t have to do all this but I’m glad that I do so I can find a reason for the low I am now having…. which I only noticed because of the slight tingling sensation in my tongue… this would be followed by shaking hands, hot flashes, and light headiness around the low 30s…wow!…. all this one day…