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The morning high-low

DSC02260-1.jpgUp until about a month ago I had big problem controlling my post-breakfast and pre-lunch blood glucose. I would take 18 units of Levemir and 6 units of Novolog, wait 15 minutes, and then eat breakfast. Breakfast for me is a rotation of whole wheat toast, egg beaters, Morning Star meatless breakfast patty, steel cut oats, or Scottish oatmeal.

None of my portion sizes exceeded 60g of carbohydrate but my post-breakfast 2 hour BG would almost always be high; between 160 and 200 mg/dL. My pre-lunch BG would almost always be too low; between 60 and 70. I discussed this with my endocrinologist on my last trip ( I was being fitted with a trial Dexcom unit ) I mentioned this ti him. After “yelling” at me about the hypoglycemia, he recommended splitting my Levemir dosage into two; 8 in the morning and 10 in the evening.

I tried that for a week and my pre-lunch BG was much better ( between 80 and 90 ) but my post-break 2 hour BG was still high. I returned to the endocrinologist at the end of a week ( the length of time the Dexcom sensor was good for ) and we tweaked things further. He suggested waiting a full 30 minutes after taking the Novolog before eating. Within a few days my post-breakfast BG was within the 120-150 range and my pre-lunch BG was still within the 80-90 range. Success!! By carefully controlling the amount and timing of my insulin dosing I have achieved good BG control. My estimated A1c is 5.4 but I will wait for a doctor visit and test to confirm.

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Test, inject, eat – repeat

Test, inject, eat – repeat, originally uploaded by Khürt.

Over and over and over again… forever and ever and ever.

Everyday diabetes everyday

I am participating in the Diabetes365 project on Flickr. The group project is to “show the world how Diabetes is something that we work at and live with all year round.” I have not posted regularly despite the group rules but I intend to starting today. My first two entries are about meals and blood glucose.BreakfastFor breakfast I normally eat one serving of steel cut oats, a Pepperidge Farm whole wheat muffin with egg beaters and a MorningStar Farms sausage patty. The muffin is toasted and one serving of spreadable butter make this … oh so delicious.With that combo, 6 units of Novolog ( I take 24 units of Levemir in the morning as well ) puts my two hour BG in the 120 range with a dip into the 60 and 70s just before lunch. But sometimes, eating the same thing each and every day can get boring. In fact, it is quite boring. My wife noticed too. She brought home some Pepperidge Farm 100% Whole Wheat mini bagel and some Philadelphia Low Fat cream cheese. I substituted that for my usual muffin. The result can be seen below.Control...or lack thereofWhen stuff like that happens I swing into “safe mode”. So for lunch I am having a Kash: Sweet and Sour Chicken. Safe because after eating this, my 2 hour and post BG is normally in the low 100s and 80s respectively.