Diabetes survival gear

FreeStyle Flash glucometerShortly after I was diagnosed I was given a free meter by the hospital. It was a big bulky thing that required a bucket of blood and a day to register a reading. Since them I have purchased the FreeStyle Flash (one for home and one for travel) from Abbott Laboratories. It take readings in about 7 second and require but a tiny drop of blood for a reading. My endocrinologist has software into which he can download the data and graph my blood glucose over time ( albeit snapshots in time ).

I also purchased a backpack in which I carry my Apple MacBook, FreeStyle test strips, FreeStyle Sterile Lancets, a Novolog Flexpen, and NovoFine needles. I use the OS-X version of the Calorie King Exercise and Nutrition Manager to track and chart my daily food intake and also lookup the occasional restaurant meal. My kids thinks it’s cool that I have a backpack just like theirs.Novolog FlexPen


2 thoughts on “Diabetes survival gear

  1. I’m newly diagnosed and trying to fit this diabetes thing into my relatively uncluttered but tech-geeky life. As a MacBook owner (using the infra-red enabled Accu-Chek Aviva they gave me yesterday at the hospital) I’m wondering if you know of a way to “download” my data. Accu-Check seems only to offer serial cables for their ir receivers. I’d love to just use the IR receiver built into the MacBook. Any ideas (software and/or hardware solutions)?


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