Googdle Diabetes Doodle Campaign

Please help my friends Manny and Kerri convince Google to make a special diabetes day doodle. Click the link to join the petition.

Help spread the word about the petition:
-Tell others about the petition.
-If you have a blog, online community or other web site, please consider adding one of the banners below by copying and pasting the code below each of them on the sidebar of your web site:


I am NOT a diabetic

For the love of God! I am not a diabetic. The word diabetic is an adjective. A person can NOT be an adjective.

• adjective – having or relating to diabetes.

Just like I am not “a short” or “an intelligent” I am NOT “a diabetic”. I eat a diabetic diet and use diabetic supplies. I am also a short man and an intelligent man. Please fracking get it right.

Know your A1c from your BG reading.

Result of Jenny's BG to A1c converter.

Fellow blogger and person with diabetes, Jenny, has developed a web widget that converts average blood glucose reading to A1Cc. Go check it out now.

I had some spare time this morning and turned my A1c/Avg converter into a widget you can put on your own blog or web pages. It will convert A1c to average blood sugar and vice versa using either mg/dl or mmol/L. You can also use it to convert mmol/L and mg/dl back and forth. Enter one measurement, and the converter will fill in the others.

(Via -Diabetes Update: New Widget Converts A1c/Glucose/mg/dl/mmol/L.)