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Lima bean

A team of designers has come up with a rather cool design for a blood glucose meter.  They are calling their Lime green pod shaped device, the Lima bean.  Snazzy name.  The device uses infrared technology. Get more information over at Medgadget.Lima bean glucometer


Diabetes News from dLife.com: FDA Approves Continuous 7-Day Glucose Monitoring System
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration today approved a device that measures glucose levels continuously for up to seven days in people with diabetes.

Diabetes survival gear

Shortly after I was diagnosed I was given a free meter by the hospital. It was a big bulky thing that required a bucket of blood and a day to register a reading. Since them I have purchased the FreeStyle Flash Blood Glucose Meter (one for home and one for travel) from Abbott Laboratories. It take readings in about 7 second and require but a tiny drop of blood for a reading. My endocrinologist has software into which he can download the data and graph my blood glucose over time ( albeit snapshots in time ).

Novolog FlexPenI also purchased a backpack in which I carry my Apple MacBook, FreeStyle test strips, FreeStyle Sterile Lancets, a Novolog Flexpen insulin pen, and NovoFine needles for the FlexPen. I use the OS-X version of the Calorie King Exercise and Nutrition Manager to track and chart my daily food intake and also lookup the occasional restaurant meal. My kids thinks it’s cool that I have a backpack just like theirs.